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Currently 37 MP3s of the original YM 2149 chip available.
All tunes were recorded from Atari STe using an M-Audio Audiophile 2496.
The tunes are encoded at 256Kbps in mono MP3 format.

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Date TitleArtistTimeYear / CopyrightChip     SizeSND
08/04/2006The DancerTao3:45© 19xx TaoYM 21496.9 MB
08/04/2006Clouds505???© 19xx 505YM 21496.2 MB
08/04/2006Oh No!!...Antichrist???© 19xx AntichristYM 214910.4 MB
08/04/2006Teddy - UCM 20 IntroBaggio???© 19xx BaggioYM 21496.8 MB
08/04/2006A Case For TwoBig Alec???© 19xx Big AlecYM 21494.1 MB
08/04/2006RealityBig Alec???© 19xx Big AlecYM 21496.6 MB
08/04/2006VortexBig Alec???© Big AlecYM 21496.4 MB
08/04/2006Jim Power in Mutant PlanetChris Huelsbeck???© Chris HuelsbeckYM 21495.1 MB
08/04/2006Enduro RacerDavid Whittaker???© David WhittakerYM 21497.3 MB
08/04/2006Ironlord - Track 1David Whittaker???© David WhittakerYM 21495.6 MB
08/04/2006Ironlord - Track 2David Whittaker???© David WhittakerYM 21496.5 MB
08/04/2006Ironlord - Track 3David Whittaker???© David WhittakerYM 21496.0 MB
09/04/2006Odd Stuff MainDMA-SC???© DMA-SCYM 21498.6 MB
09/04/2006Tubular CrusadegwEm???© gwEmYM 21497.0 MB
09/04/2006Akira Versus San Go KuJess???© JessYM 214912.9 MB
08/04/2006BuzzerJochen Hippel???© Jochen HippelYM 21497.8 MB
08/04/2006EliminatorJohn Michael Phillips???© John Michael PhillipsYM 21499.1 MB
09/04/20063D BobsJovis???© JovisYM 214914.0 MB
08/04/2006Lethal Xcess (STe)Mad Max???© Mad MaxYM 21494.5 MB
08/04/2006Ninja Remix - Track 1Mad Max???© Mad MaxYM 21497.2 MB
08/04/2006Ninja Remix - Track 5Mad Max???© Mad MaxYM 21498.2 MB
08/04/2006Ninja Remix - Track 6Mad Max???© Mad MaxYM 21498.4 MB
08/04/2006Turrican - Track 5Mad Max???© Mad MaxYM 21497.9 MB
08/04/2006Turrican - Track 6Mad Max???© Mad MaxYM 21496.6 MB
09/04/2006Bloody MoneyPaul Tonge???© Paul TongeYM 21497.0 MB
08/04/2006Nostalgic-O DemoRobert Demming???© Robert DemmingYM 21494.8 MB
09/04/2006ChaosScavenger???© ScavengerYM 21495.2 MB
08/04/2006DBA 6 IntroScavenger???© ScavengerYM 21498.2 MB
08/04/2006Leif Rular PYMScavenger???© ScavengerYM 21496.3 MB
08/04/2006Odyssey - Synergy MegademoScavenger???© ScavengerYM 214917.1 MB
09/04/2006Bumpsong (DHS-compo)Tao???© TaoYM 21497.1 MB
09/04/2006Tim Follin - Led Storm #1Tim Follin???© Tim FollinYM 21495.0 MB
09/04/2006Tim Follin - Led Storm #2Tim Follin???© Tim FollinYM 21491.0 MB
09/04/2006Tim Follin - Led Storm #3Tim Follin???© Tim FollinYM 21494.1 MB
09/04/2006Tim Follin - Led Storm #4Tim Follin???© Tim FollinYM 21495.4 MB
09/04/2006Tim Follin - Led Storm #5Tim Follin???© Tim FollinYM 21493.8 MB
09/04/2006Tim Follin - Led Storm #6Tim Follin???© Tim FollinYM 21497.1 MB

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